International Education


New World Institute aspires to be recognized as a professional leader in providing vocational education, higher education and English Language excellence to the local and International communities.  As a centre of learning and service, we will work to empower students with the skills and confidence to be contributing members of the business industry community.

New World Institute pride in efficiently using the resources at its disposal and strives to continuously improve itself, its programs, and its technology.


The mission of New World Institute is to train, build and prepare people to occupy key positions within the International Education industry.  In the pursuit of this mission, we aspire to the following values:

  • Behave in a legal, fair and ethical manner
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  • Make and keep commitments to our clients, customers, agents and associates
  • Contribute to the growth and prosperity of our company through individual and team effort
  • Show respect for ourselves and others by being open and honest in all business dealings
  • Commitment to lifelong learning
  • Support each other to carry out worthwhile high quality work

We are able to deliver high quality training in the context of best practice, whilst also accommodating new innovations in technology.



Professor Nguyen Thi My Dung


Business/stragic plan by Prof. Nguyen Thi My Dung