Our Mission

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Our continuing mission:

  • Engage and consult with providers and higher education stakeholders
  • Protect the quality of Australian higher education and its reputation domestically and overseas
  • Continue to grow organizational capability and achieve operational efficiency
  • To establish a new stage of higher education, as collaboration across disciplines and professions, that will deploy a new leadership force of experienced leaders transitioning from their income-earning years to their next years of service.
  • To pioneer in life-long learning for late-stage learners who will use the knowledge to change society and its institutions, individually and collectively making a difference on global, national, and community problems.
  • To ensure that this mission of serving the world contributes to a great University for the future.
  • To help shape and contribute to a growing body of knowledge about how to change society at the system or institutional level, through innovations that improve education, health, environmental stewardship, and other complex multi-stakeholder issues benefiting from leadership that can work across professions and disciplines.



Professor Nguyen Thi My Dung


Business/stragic plan by Prof. Nguyen Thi My Dung