Welcome to New World

New World Institute is a training school and supply outlet totally dedicated to assist and educate, through professional development, the current Executive Director, Marketing Manager, International Education, ICT Business Analyst and to teach the beginner who desires the very latest in up to date quality education. The Managing Director of the college, Ngoc Trang Nguyen, came to the realisation that today’s key Staff needs much more:

• Strengthening the Higher Education system
• Upholding quality
• Updates on the latest trends
• Personalised customer service
• Produce purchase incentives and rewards
• Recognition for the commitment to a product and system
• Expanding opportunities for students
• A sustainable higher education system
• Investing in research excellence

New World Institute stands for:
• The very latest products and equipment
• Education for experienced technicians and beginners
• Technical support and product advice
• Customer service from the education team

Initially, the focus of this business is to provide high quality training to current technicians and students wishing to enter the education export industry. Later however, the scope will be extended to include courses such as other higher level industry qualifications. The principal of New World Institute is endeavouring to bring quality to the English for work and further study and business industry by delivering these nationally recognised and accredited courses for international students, and looks forward to assisting to bring about positive changes within the Australia Education to International industry especially Vietnam.
The head office of New World Institute is currently located at Springvale. New World Institute also has the ability for students to purchase the materials required to carry out their new skills in the Australian Education International.

New World Institute owns a copy of the all relevant Training Packages, and courses will be delivered in accordance with the national competency standards, assessments and guidelines approved for respective qualifications. The training is heavily linked to current industry practices, with all educators required to maintain professional development activities to ensure currency and adequacy of training. At this stage there is no immediate addition to staffing proposed.

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Professor Nguyen Thi My Dung


Business/stragic plan by Prof. Nguyen Thi My Dung